China Centre UK is a unique oriental marketplace and Chinese food distributor. We offer a wide selection of speciality Chinese food, teas, ready meals and Chinese cooking equipment to retailers, reputable Chinese restaurants, takeaways and wholesalers all across the UK.

Established for over a decade, we have grown considerably over the years. Today, we stand as one of the UK’s leading distributors of authentic Chinese goods, assisting some of London’s finest restaurants who share our love for good quality Asian cuisine.

We have our own factory in South London, where all our food is collected fresh from our suppliers to be stored in our freezers and prepared for delivery all across England and Wales – directly from our front door.

We launched our online marketplace with a vision to ship our exquisite menu across the UK. Our selection of goods truly displays some of the very best cuisine China has to offer. All we want is to share authentic Asian food with consumers in the UK – and for people to experience a slice of our beloved culture.

We also strive to provide a reliable, easy and cost-effective service that harmonises with the high standards of your establishment and expectations. We can help you to reach your own business goals in the competitive Chinese food market.

Our food is made fresh from professional cooks who honour the traditions of Chinese food. Our cooks and suppliers take great pride in what they do, incorporating aromatic flavours with flavoursome herbs and spices to deliver authentic Chinese food in every bite.

We sell everything from fresh to frozen, Dim Sum to dumplings, chicken to duck and hot pots to BBQ. Just take a look at some of our special offers to see some of our biggest and most popular sellers.

Our delivery and online service is unmatched to most other food distributors. Businesses and consumers alike can easily navigate our no-fuss online platform to buy Chinese food directly. And not only can we offer a fast checkout and speedy delivery, but we also sell our products at a significantly lower price than retail, sparing you significant upfront production costs.

China Centre UK has broken the barrier to bona fide Chinese food in the UK, shipping to every corner of Wales and England at a reasonable price. In London, some postcodes within a certain distance of our factory are even able to book same-day delivery. We also offer free delivery to bulk orders over £250.

Ultimately, at the heart of everything we do is premium Chinese food without the eye-watering price tag. We promise to deliver an inexpensive service with huge advantages on the cost of goods and our delivery services.

When you shop at China Centre UK, you are guaranteed to be met with a fast checkout, speedy delivery and flavoursome food, brought to you by our reliable suppliers and friendly team.

Create your own retailer account with us today for a faster checkout and to establish a continuous bulk-order list of goods, or simply call us on +44 7885 235 380 to see how we can help your business with its Chinese food needs.

We are registered at Ovalmark Ltd, UK registered office Unit 6, Glengall Business Centre, Glengall Road, London, SE15 6NF.